Who We Are???

Madiga Reservation Porata Samiti (MRPS) is a not-for profit institution standing for human rights and dignity of 300+ million Dalits,Tribals and Physically Handicapped people Worldwide.
MRPS is currently headed by Manda Krishna Madiga and has been operating from Hyderabad, India since July 7, 1994.
Manda Krishna is a maverick leader from Andhra Pradesh. It is very difficult to define him because he stands for multiple marginalities like dalits, children with heart diseases, physically handicapped, Most backward classes (MBCs) etc. Recently he even announced that he will fight for the rights of the economically backward among the upper castes of Andhra Pradesh.
He is a grassroots fighter and master political strategist and the best thing about him is that he uses these abilities for the fighting for the rights of marginalized groups in the society. He has done fast unto death several times for children with heart diseases, physically handicapped and for classification of Scheduled castes. Of late he is also fighting the mainstream media and the film industry for mis-representing and for making fun of lower castes and physically handicapped persons.